We often hear “I miss your station!” Well jeez, that’s nice, but there’s no need to miss us…


WSJT is still on the air?Yes! WSJT Smooth Jazz never went away, we just moved. We’re no longer at 98.7-HD2, but there are still 3 ways you can listen to the relaxing smooth jazz you’ve loved on WSJT for years:

#1) Listen to us on FREE broadcast radio!

WSJT moved from 98.7-HD2 to 94.1-HD2. If you’re unfamiliar with how HD radio works, it’s quite simple. We can fit 2 great stations on 1 FM frequency. But if you have an old-fashioned radio, you can only hear the HD1 station at 98.7. But just like when you upgraded to HDTV, HD Radio’s quality is amazing! Enjoy your favorite music in crystal-clear digital sound! Plus with HD Radio, you get dozens of EXTRA stations, like WSJT Smooth Jazz!

#2) Listen online anytime at WSJT.com.

Don’t have a HD radio yet? It’s ok! We’re still here for you anytime. Just come straight to WSJT.com! You can stream WSJT Smooth Jazz online anytime!

#3) Listen with your phone!

Ah technology! Even if you’re not in the Tampa Bay area, you can take WSJT Smooth Jazz with you anywhere. If you have an iPhone or Android phone, just download the free RADIO.com app. Once you’ve got the app, tap the “Cities” button and then “Tampa Bay.” There, you’ll find WSJT Smooth Jazz! And here’s a tip… click “Settings” and you can change the sound quality of your stream!

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