Guavaween 2012
The streets of Ybor
Tampa, FL 33605

Date: Saturday, October 27 at 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Many changes will take place at this year’s Guavaween event. Lack of funds and complaints from local businesses along Seventh Avenue have prompted these changes. However despite the changes, the event will still be a great time!

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One major change this year is the cancellation of Mama Guava’s Stumble Parade. The City of Tampa provided security, parade barriers, clean-up after the parade and $45,000 to help sponsor the parade. Unfortunately, the City of Tampa is unable to help out this year, so the parade was cancelled.

The parade barriers and fencing will be noticeably absent this year, as well. Local businesses requested the removal of the fencing to increase attendance. Although the removal of the fence means no fees will be charged to enter the event, it also means that Ybor City loses one of its major fundraisers.

The costume contest will continue as usual this year. Headdresses and costumes, resplendent with feathers and beads, are still expected to be a major part of Guavaween 2012. Even if you’re not competing, feel free to don your Halloween best.

There will also still be a concert. Event goers can expect to pay an entrance fee to enjoy the indoor concert. Plans are currently in the works for additional concert venues.

Ybor City’s Chamber of Commerce is discussing the addition of a pub crawl prior to the costume contest. Details of the pub crawl have not been made known but the Chamber of Commerce has hinted that it will be an exciting event.

Unfortunately, revelers at Guavaween 2012 will find that another major change has taken place this year. In previous years, revelers were allowed to wander the streets with an alcoholic drink in their hand, not so this year. Without the fencing or the required wet zone permit, alcohol will not be permitted on the streets of Ybor City. Attendees at Guavaween 2012 will still be able to enjoy alcoholic beverages, but will have to do so inside the bars instead of on the streets.

While at Ybor City’s Guavaween 2012, stop by Columbia Restaurant on Seventh Avenue. Sample the award-winning Spanish/Cuban cuisine made from its century-old family recipes. Experience one of the Flamenco shows performed every night except Sunday. Seating is limited for the shows and there is an additional charge to attend the Flamenco shows.

Columbia Restaurant (Ybor City)
2117 E. 7th Ave.
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-4961

Regardless of all the changes this year, Ybor City’s Guavaween is expected to be a huge success. You should make the trip to reconnect with those from events’ past.

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