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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, what might finally be too much information about a former NBA player, what might be the best college band performance ever, and the Buffalo Sabres have taken up ice dancing. No, that’s not a slam on how poorly they’re playing.

Puck This

There is absolutely no argument you can make to convince me there are any athletes on Earth tougher than professional hockey players.

And then I stumbled across the above video.

Apparently the Buffalo Sabres organization holds a “Rookie Dance Off” as a way to mock the newest team members. 

Yes, you’ll see everything from Twerking to Break Dancing and even a little John Travolta circa Pulp Fiction.

And with the way they’ve been playing, those guys better keep working on those moves.

Wow. It’s a good thing they got rid of Lindy Ruff, huh?

Now he’s off dancing with the Stars.

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 NBA Toilet Humor

There are a lot of fans interested in their favorite player’s pre-game rituals.

There is, however, some information we really don’t need to know.

Case in point? Recently on NBA Open Court former Bulls player Steve Kerr described in full detail how his teammate Toni Kukoc of Croatia binged and then, um, purged on game day.

I can personally get on board with “12-year old boy humor” and assuming you can too, watch the video to find out where this story, um, goes.

Story via CBS Chicago 


Easily the best video of the week comes out of The Ohio State (and as a Michigan girl this kills me to say).

The self-proclaimed “Best Damn Band in The Land” appears to be just that as they do a half-time tribute to one of the best performers of all time: Michael Jackson.

And the talented crew not only incorporates instrument playing and marching, it features band members actually Moonwalking into formation.

The. Entire. Band.

And, yes, they are all wearing a white glove.

As if their football team isn’t good enough this season.


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Squid Girl?

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Live squid!!!!! #eeek #yummmm

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I have no freakin’ idea what Michelle Wie eating live squid has to do with golf or the LPGA tour but I can tell you this: Eating a live squid is one of the rare things I’d actually love to watch Tiger Woods do.

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Fiddling Around With The World Series

It’s time I bring a little class to That Thing You Missed.

It turns out both the St. Louis and Boston Symphony Orchestras are baseball lovers.

To show their respective teams their support the two symphonies hooked up to create a video.

And, hell yes, there’s music playing. But, more importantly there’s trash talk.

Who do you think plays best?

Story Via CBS St. Louis

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