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In this week’s That Thing You Missed the Houston Rockets get quite a scare from a blow up bear, Dwyane Wade gets caught traveling – but not by the refs, another ridiculous Dallas Mavericks video and Brent Musburger continues to be Brent Musburger. 

What’s In A Name?

Last year during the BCS National Championship game veteran announcer Brent Musburger made his own headlines for his seemingly non-stop creepy comments about Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb.

This year, Musburger kicked off the BCS National Championship by accidentally introducing himself as his co-host Kirk Herbstreit.

Where is Eminem when you need him?

You can read about some of the other biggest commentator gaffes ever here.

Clutch Move

The Houston Rockets pulled a prank on its players by having their mascot “Clutch” come alive and scare the players as they leave the locker room.

And it’s fun to watch ‘cause really, who doesn’t want to see a professional basketball player jump out of his skin?

However, I have a few questions.  

First of all, doesn’t this prank remind you of the Spartan statue who scared the team earlier this year?  Yeah, I thought so.

Also, don’t you think Dwight Howard’s reaction is a little too over the top? Here’s a helpful hint: if you’re going to sneak up on Howard wear a cup.  

And finally, am I the only one wondering why the hell the Rockets have a blow-up mouse as a mascot?  He reminds me of the New York City Union Rat.

Oh wait.  I just discovered “Clutch” is actually a bear. Oh. A bear. A bear makes so much more sense (insert eye roll).

Story via CBS Houston

Travel and Leisure

Ok, so I will readily admit I am not up on all the technical rules of basketball, but I am pretty sure from my cheerleading days that ‘traveling’ is illegal.  That is, of course, unless you play in the NBA these days.

Watch as Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade practically takes a stroll with the ball mid-court.  Now every sports website known to man is outraged over this egregious miss by the refs.

I say, meh.  Doesn’t surprise me.  This cat gets away with everything.

Wade is, after all, the same guy who got actress Gabrielle Union to marry him – despite his baby momma giving birth days before he proposed.

Plus, don’t sportswriters realize the refs are too busy making sure J.R. Smith isn’t untying anyone’s shoelaces?

Story via CBS Chicago


Ok, I realize defending J.R. Smith isn’t exactly en vogue these days but in all fairness I am sure it’s tough for him to take the Mavericks seriously – especially Dirk Nowitski – when they keep insisting on producing videos like this.

Doesn’t anyone have to practice???

Story via CBS Detroit

What The Puck?

It’s no secret I don’t think adults should take children anywhere. Least of all high-priced sporting events – even if the child is so young you don’t have to pay for a seat.

But after living in New Orleans and watching folks with Baby Bjorns strapped to their bellies while they scramble over one another on the neutral ground in search of a five cent strand of beads at a Mardi Gras parade, I gave up.

So I don’t bitch anymore when parents are sitting in $400 seats drinking beer with one hand while holding their newborn with the other. I just put my earplugs in.

But, perhaps someone should show this young dad what a grown man wearing equipment looks like after getting slammed in the face with a hockey puck before he puts his newborn at risk for a disk of vulcanized rubber.

Story via CBS Detroit

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