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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, why I think Geno Smith will be attending Mark Sanchez’s training camp without a doubt, watch Dwyane Wade’s prodigy in action, my favorite moment of the NBA draft and see why the Heat has to duck instead of dunk during the NBA championship parade.

“Duck” Dynasty?

Now, considering the city of Miami was celebrating its second consecutive NBA championship parade, you’d think they’d be a bit more experienced at picking out a parade route.

Watch as LeBron James and his teammates are forced to crouch down low in order to avoid slamming into one overpass after another.

My conclusion? The city planner was definitely a Spurs fan.

Story via CBS Sports

Introducing the “Sanchize” 

Despite the Aaron Hernandez debacle up in Massachusetts Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets still managed to make headlines this week — for all the wrong reasons — when a California “Socialite” (do those even exist?) posted a Vine of the QB dancing in the buff with two women.

Some folks are flabbergasted by this sordid peek into this pro’s private life. Even questioning if this is the type of behavior one should expect from a franchise quarterback.

Well, frankly this is exactly the type of behavior I expect from a franchise quarterback. I mean, after all, let’s be honest, isn’t it at least part of the reason guys want to play professional football?

And I bet you a dollar Geno Smith will now totally commit to attending “Jets Camp West.”

Story via CBS New York


Guess what I learned this week? There are actually fifth grade basketball prospects. Yes, fifth grade. That’s grammar school, guys.

And apparently a boy whose been ‘identified” as one of the top eleven year old’s in the country is none other than Zaire Wade offspring of Miami Heat sensation Dwyane Wade.

And thanks to the folks at City Hoops who posted the above video of “Z- Wade’s” talent – we now know for sure “Flash” will never need the services of the “Who’s Your Daddy” DNA testing truck for his eldest son.

Story via CBS Detroit

NBA Circus Afro Baby


This was hand’s down my favorite moment in this year’s NBA Draft.

And I have no idea how this kid from Brazil is going to do on the hardcourt, but I can tell you this: Lucas Nogueira is going to give Andrew Bynum a run for his money one way or another.

Story via CBS Sports

This Guy’s Got Ball 

[mlbvideo id=”28298445″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

This is one of the more amazing catches you’ll ever see in the stands.

Check out how this Giants fan leaps to grab a homerun ball before falling on his butt and getting doused with beer.

Despite his success the guy throws the souvenir ball back and while some say that’s the act of a “loyal fan.” I say – you’re doing it wrong.

What do you think? If you catch a ball should you throw it back?

Story via CBS San Francisco

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