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In this week’s That Thing You Missed, Kobe Bryant on Dwight Howard’s Departure, is this the fastest man in the NFL, what it looks like to catch a homerun with your head and a must-see RG3 Rap video.  What was he thinking? 

Zombie Effect?

Ok, as many of you know, Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and his fiancée Rebecca Liddicoat just tied the knot.

And what do you think they did first?   

Well apparently, they recorded a rap video about “Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops.”

Wait, what?

Ok. Someone’s gotta help me out here.

Am I missing something because I’m old enough to wear reading glasses? Are “Pop Rocks and Tootsie Pops” some sort of Millennial Generation cultural reference I just can’t relate too?

I seriously don’t think so ‘cause I just Googled it and all I got was this bizarre video.

Personally, I’d like to hear  Rob Parker weigh in on this.

Story via CBS DC 

Running For His Life

It’s not easy being a 29-year old wideout rookie trying to make a team’s roster – even if it IS only the Arizona Cardinals.

So it’s no wonder Robert Gill wants to make sure everyone knows exactly what he’s capable of.

Enter Exhibit A: This video of him running on the treadmill at a whopping 25 miles per hour! And, no, this video is not altered.

How is this even humanly possible?

I’d hate to think of what would happen if he slipped and fell though.

Story via CBS Detroit

Head Case

[mlbvideo id=”28780879″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

This is what I imagine would happen to Homer Simpson if he ever came close to catching a homerun ball at a Major League Baseball game.

Of course, on the TV show, Homer would somehow end up in the dugout, playing on the team and even score the winning run.

Unfortunately for the guy in the video, this isn’t a successful cartoon series.

I hope he at least drank a six pack of Duff Beer.


Story via CBS Philadelphia

Howard’s End

It was no secret Dwight Howard was looking for other options in the NBA and it came as no surprise when he decided to hightail it out of L.A. to try his luck at NBA life in Houston with the Rockets.

It was, however, surprising to learn that Kobe Bryant had been asked to attend the final negotiation meeting to help the Lakers re-sign the big center.

So, of course, the media expects Kobe Bryant to weigh-in on Howard’s departure and – I think you should watch for yourself – but basically what I got out of the interview is Kobe Bryant only cares about one thing. 

Kobe Bryant.

Story via CBS Los Angeles

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