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In this week’s That Thing You Missed another one bites the dust at a sporting event, the best strikeout call ever, and what does Derrick Rose have in common with Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty?  Well, absolutely nothing, actually.  

Owned or Pwned?

tigers - wiki owned

Shorty after Detroit’s 3-0 win Thursday night over the A’s to clinch the American League Divisional Series, someone changed the Oakland A’s Wikipedia page to show the team’s new owner as Justin Verlander.

Well-played Tigers’ fans.

But, I still don’t think Kate Upton cares.

Story via CBS Detroit

Bulls Dynasty?

In case you were curious about what Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose did to pass the time while he sat out the entire 2012-2013 NBA season…. wonder no more.

I’m pretty sure he binge-watched the entire Duck Dynasty series.

What evidence do I have to support my assumption?

Absolutely nothing except for the photos from his son’s first birthday party where he is clearly donning a Willie Robertson costume. 

Creative? Yes. What the Duck Dynasty has to do with a kid’s first birthday party? No clue.

Check out the photos here.

Story via CBS Chicago

Indecent Proposal?

According to this Tweet a man proposed to his girlfriend at a pre-season Celtics game.

Apparently, she said yes.

Let me be up front: I am wholeheartedly against any and all sporting event proposals even as a die-hard fan.  That being said, it’s your life.

But, pre-season? Seriously?

Story via CBS Philly

Best Strikeout Call Ever?

If you’re going to be struck out, I’d say this is the way to go.

Story via CBS New York

 Running Back Won’t Back Down

Meet Jaedon Washington, he’s a high school junior and running back on his Canadian high school football team.

He just flat out refuses to be tackled.

Any chance he’s available for the Giants to sign?

Story via

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