Do you camp out at your local shopping mall the night before Black Friday? Or do you spend all of Thanksgiving combing through the local newspaper plotting out your plan of attack for all the big sales? Why spend hours plotting out your plan of attack when you can use your smartphone to guide you to all the great sales? Don’t spend the big day with your nose in the paper and ink on your fingertips. Download one of these great apps and spend your Thanksgiving with your family instead.

DealNews Black Friday App

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The DealNews Black Friday App has been a favorite of bargain hunters for a few years now. Both PC Magazine and PC World named DealNews the “Best Black Friday Web Site,” and now you can use the app to help you navigate all the deals. Included in the app is the ability to browse both leaked and confirmed ads from all the major retailers. It’s sorted by retailer, showing you how many ads each is offering, putting all the control of finding the best deal in your fingertips. If you have a few favorite stores, check those first, and find all the rumored or confirmed ads before anyone else knows about them.


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The most simple and straight forward of the Black Friday Apps, BFAds brings you all the deals weeks before the big day. You can comb all the retail ads, organize by category or price, and find your deals. Download the app right to your smartphone and spend the week or two leading up to Thanksgiving planning your shopping trip so you can get all the best steals and bargains. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles to this one, just a lot of bargains and a lot of deals all on your phone.

Fat Wallet

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Fat Wallet is a bargain site that is helpful all year-round. You can use the app to filter by category and compare deals on similar items. Then you can select those items as favorites and share them with your family and friends, allowing you to coordinate your shopping plan and create a perfectly structured plan of attack on the big day. You’ll be able to start looking at ads for Black Friday weeks early, so start planning soon. This is probably the best app for those that like to divide and conquer, helping you master than plan with all of your shopping team.


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If your Black Friday plans have you heading to the mall, then you definitely need to download the FastMall app. The app maps out all the major shopping malls in the country (including Canada and the U.K.) and helps you track your car, find the nearest bathroom, the food court, or where all the elevators are. When it comes to helpful apps, this one may not point you towards the bargains, but it will definitely keep you sane on the big shopping day. Moms on the go are sure to love this one.

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