The Tampa Bay Area has an abundance of good local bands. Some of the best local bands in the Tampa Bay area are bluegrass bands. If bluegrass music is your thing, then you will want to check out all the local bands on this list. The Tampa Bay area has a lot to offer in the way of bluegrass music from The Kegg to Sycamore Shade and everything in between. Sycamore Shade is considered a great band by any standard and so are all of the bluegrass bands listed here.

Sycamore Shade
Tampa, FL
Contact: Will Corr
(941) 224-0732

Sycamore Shade considers itself to be Americana with an edge, and this band is exactly that. Sycamore Shade never disappoints. Everyone who hears the group’s music says nothing but great things. At weddings, this band keeps the dance floor full for the entire night. The entire band has wonderful personalities and interacts with the crowd. Sycamore Shade is a very high-energy band that also has the ability to always deliver a timeless sound. Do yourself a favor and check this group out soon.

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The Kegg
Tampa, FL
Contact: Kelly Emerson
(813) 789-8923

One of the members of this band has bluegrass in his DNAb because his father was inducted into the Bluegrass Hall of Fame. Kelly Emerson took after his father and started playing at age 12. This band has explosive energy and can keep your party going all night long. The Kegg will play some of the best bluegrass music you’ve ever heard, and that’s a promise.

Sassafras Acoustic Bluegrasss Band

The Sassafras Acoustic Bluegrass Band mixes all types of bluegrass to create its own unique sound. This group has a very laid-back style and refreshing type of sound. With the Sassafras Acoustic Bluegrass Band, you will get expert three-part harmonies. This is a band that will not disappoint. If you have heard this band, you will be eager to do so again and if you haven’t yet heard them, then do yourself a favor and do so as soon as possible.

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Bluegrass Parlor

Contact: Jeff Jones
(813) 463-8332

Bluegrass Parlor is a sure favorite with anyone who likes real bluegrass music. This band does all types of local events from weddings to bars and everything in between. The band will travel all over the Tampa Bay area to put on a great show. Give this local band a try if you are looking for a band with the style of bluegrass your parents grew up listening to.

The Foothills Bluegrass Band
Contact: Scott Rowell
(352) 567-9740

The Foothills Bluegrass Band has some original music and also plays a lot of traditional bluegrass favorites. This five-piece band plays the real banjo pickin’ bluegrass music that will have your feet tapping in no time. The members of this group are very talented and also very diverse. The Foothills Bluegrass Band prides itself on the traditional bluegrass music it plays exclusively with all acoustic instruments. You can’t go wrong with this very talented group.

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