As the holiday season quickly approaches, as does the time to prepare for your next holiday party and/or get-together. Of course, finding the perfect attire to wear to the party and looking your best is always at the top of the list, but let’s not forget about the host of the party. Make them feel a little extra special and bring them a nice gift to say “Thank You” and show your appreciation.
Jo Williams Smith
Freelance Party Planner

Jo Williams Smith is a freelance party planner that has been helping to plan family, corporate and local parties and weddings for nearly 20 years. Smith helps families plan personalized parties and get-togethers to represent their personality/theme and really make it a unique experience not only for their guests but for themselves as well. She feels that a lot of times the host and or guest of honor of the party spends so much time on the planning process that they don’t get to enjoy it themselves, so her outlook is to make sure everyone enjoys the event.

Tip 1: Bring a Bottle of Wine

This is probably one of the easiest and most convenient gifts to bring to your hostess. “If you are short on time or just unsure of what the host/hostess of your next event might actually enjoy, bringing a bottle of wine is always a plus,” says Smith. She says, “A classic bottle of red or white wine, maybe perhaps in a nice gift bag, is always a good idea and also won’t break the bank. Most grocery stores sell wine so you won’t have to go out of your way or spend a lot of money.”

Tip 2: Gift Cards

Does your host/hostess seem to have everything they need and maybe you’re just not very familiar with their likes or dislikes? How about a gift card? “Gift cards are always a great idea because they can be generic but also personal as well. If you aren’t very personal with the host of the party, you can choose a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card that can be used anywhere on anything they can would like. Or, if you are a little more familiar with the host of the party, choose their favorite restaurant or store they love to shop so they can spend a little something on themselves” she says.

Tip 3: Spa Treatments/Massages

You know that your host has spent a lot of time planning and preparing for the party, so give them a chance to take a little time to relax once all of the hard work is over. “Living in the Tampa Bay area, there are a lot of places to receive magnificent massages. Some places will offer gift buyers to buy spa treatments for others instead of just offering gift cards,” says Smith.

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Tip 4: Kitchen Utensils

If the host of your party has prepared the cuisine for the event and loves pending time in the kitchen, bring a few new utensils. “Every cook loves kitchenware and probably wouldn’t mind having even more to play around with. Picking up basic kitchen utensils, decorative kitchen towels or even oven mitts and pot holders are great little gifts for the kitchen lover. However, I would stop short at buying them a cookbook because they may take a little offense to your opinion of their cooking abilities,” she says.

Tip 5: Household Decorations

“Around the holiday season, bringing a nice holiday decoration is always a nice gesture. Perhaps bring a decorative wreath or even a glass holiday platter for the host to use again at their next party. Once again, something personalized is always great because you show your host that you have put a lot of thought into what you brought them. If they are a big sports fan, maybe stop by one of the local sports stores and pick up a household decoration with their favorite team on it for them to enjoy all year long!”

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