Beating the heat in the midst of a Florida summer can truly be brutal. While some of us have to wear a designated uniform to work, some have the freedom to wear business casual attire or even just business appropriate wear. This summer, dress to not only look your best but also be comfortable as well. Not sure how to do that? Well, take tips from an expert right here in Tampa Bay who can help you make all the right choices when it comes to your summer wardrobe. The Bon Bon Rose Girls website was started by Kristin and Megan, two friends who have combined their love of fashion along with travel, crafting and all-around fun and fashionable style to create a great fashion blog for ladies to find their “go to” information.
Kristin Swenson
Bon Bon Rose Girls

Kristin was gracious enough to take some time to provide important style tips on how to dress for work during the hot summer months. Below is a list of Kristin’s best summer wardrobe “must-haves.”

Dresses And Breathable Fabrics

“Dresses are a great option for warmer weather. They’re cooler than most two-piece looks and you can have a lot of fun with them. Floral prints, for instance, are all the rage and if your work environment is a bit more conservative, you could go for a classic striped dress. And, remember, in Florida breathable fabrics are key!” There are many boutiques and other local shops in the Bay area that have affordable dresses in many different styles and for all occasions.

Try A Shirtdress

“Speaking of dresses, a shirtdress always looks pulled together. Being that we live in such a hot climate, I think the dress code seems to be business casual more often than not, so we have a bit more leeway with our work wardrobes here.” Shirtdresses are usually made of cotton or another lightweight material so they usual don’t get hot very quickly and are great for a mid-summer day.

How About A Midi Skirt

“A flowy, lightweight midi skirt is another way to go. Its movement will help keep you cool and the silhouette is so on trend. If it’s appropriate for your workplace, pair it with a sleeveless blouse.” Those skirts are available in many different colors and prints or may be paired with a printed top. If a sleeveless shirt isn’t work appropriate, try a lightweight knit sweater for inside the workplace. That way it’s work appropriate and not too warm, and you can take it off after work.

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Pants And Lighter Colors

If you’re not feeling a skirt or a dress, try some lightweight pants. “If you want to go to the pants route, try a nice white wide-leg trouser. White will be cooler than darker colors.” A wide-leg trouser is better in the summer because it’s not restricting and allows for a cooler, more enjoyable outfit. Darker colors are known for being hotter especially in the hot Florida sun. Lighter colors such as white are definitely less hot in the sun and will be more comfortable for a long day at work.

Open-Toed Shoes

“As far as shoes go, try peep toes or sling-backs. They’re cooler than closed-toe footwear. These types of shoes are not only coole, but definitely more stylish.” There are many local shoe stores that are quite affordable and trendy that will definitely help with your shoe needs.

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