Lowry Park Zoo is much more than a place to see animals. The 56-acre park in the heart of Tampa Bay is filled with habitats of learning and excitement where you can explore the amazing wildlife that shares our world. Plus, several times a year they offer $6 days, where all ages get in for this unbelievable low price.

Lowry Park Zoo
1101 W Sligh Ave.
Tampa, FL 33604
(813) 935-8552

Whether you are a Florida resident or a visitor to the Sunshine State, the Florida Boardwalk habit area at Lowry Park Zoo is a great place to get to know the natives. Here you can watch alligators, stingrays and turtles glide through the winding waterways they were born to inhabit. Along the riverbanks and in shallow waters, Florida’s world famous flamingos, cranes and spoonbills will dazzle your eyes with their long legs and colorful plumage. If big cats are among your favorites, you can catch a glimpse of the rare and graceful Florida panther. The Florida black bear, red wolf and striped skunk are also among the dozens of native species that inhabit this amazing exhibit.

Primate World

No trip to the zoo is truly complete without visiting the animals that most resemble humans.
Primate World is a showcase habitat for orangutans, chimpanzees, lemurs and other primates that share a great deal of similarity to people. Primates generally give birth to one offspring at a time and have strong family bonds. Some live for up to 50 years and spend their entire lives in communities where they play together, eat together, raise their young together and even groom each other with their human-like hands. Primates are often seen cradling their babies in their arms, much like a human mother would hold her own newborn. These are truly remarkable creatures that can be both entertaining and enchanting to watch.

Asian Gardens

Take a walk through an African jungle in the Asian Gardens habitat where lions, tigers, exotic snakes and birds will show you their distinctive appeal. This jungle habitat at Lowry Park Zoo is also home to the Malayan tiger, which is one of the rarest tigers in the world. Listed as a critically endangered species due to loss of habitat, there are only about 3,000 of them left in the wild.

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Interactive Exhibits

Family adventures become interactive experiences with the Safari Africa and Wallaroo Station exhibits where visitors can feed giraffes, pet goats or take a pony ride. The Harrell Discovery Center, Stingray Bay and Lorikeet Landing include petting areas to make your learning experiences both fun and personal. Lowry Park Zoo also offers opportunities to take your love of animals a step further. There is an Adopt An Animal program, as well as an educational internship program for students over 18 years old and young adults.

The Refinery Restaurant
5137 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33603
(813) 237-2000


Top off your day at the zoo with fine dining at an award-winning restaurant that’s just a short drive away. The Refinery is unique because its menu changes every Thursday so it can feature the freshest steak, seafood and other appetizing meals. A favorite for local celebrities as well as food connoisseurs, this highly rated dining experience is among the best in the Tampa Bay area. Beer and wine is also served and reservations are required.

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Maryann Tobin is an award-winning writer based in Tampa, Florida. She has appeared on the History Channel’s ‘DECODED’ series, and her investigative reporting on animal welfare issues led to a WTSP 10 News Investigators report. Her work can be found on Examiner.com.