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Garage sale-ing or “picking” is a huge past time for many folks throughout the Tampa Bay area. With spring almost upon us, why not cash in on last year’s clutter by throwing your own? For some, the idea seems like an overwhelming chore. To help relieve some of the anxiety, here are five tips to help you hold a successful garage sale.

1. Create clear, noticeable signs. Purchase pre-made signs from any local hardware store, hand make your signs out of poster board or have your signs printed by a local printer. Before deciding which type of sign you would prefer, consider each from a customers viewpoint. Ask yourself, “How easy is it to see the information on the sign from the road?” While pre-made signs are bright and uniform, they have limited space in which to write an address.

2. Make it a community event and utilize free local advertising. Many times a simple knock on the door and a quick explanation of your plans is all you need to get neighbors involved. Block yard sales tend to bring in a lot of foot traffic. If you live in a community where a clubhouse is available, talk to the managers about using it for the sale and post notices on the bulletin board informing others of the date and the time in case they wish to participate.

3. Price everything and make sure to keep plenty of change on hand. How many times have you been to a garage sale and heard “How much it this?” Avoid this at your own sale by making sure to price sticker everything. Remember, garage sales are supposed to be bargains, so try to be objective as you set prices. Also, make sure you keep in mind how many small 50 cent items you may have and make sure to have plenty of change on hand.

4. Organize your tables. Don’t try to stack the tables with tons of junk. Things will get broken that way. Plus it makes it discouraging for customers to sift through items. An open presentation also makes it easier to consolidate as the day goes by.

5. Make a plan for the leftovers. Even though your garage sale was a success, you will always find yourself with the end-of-day leftovers. One option is to take whatever is left at the end of the day and put it in a pile at the end of the driveway and place a “for free” sign on it.Another alternative is to call a local charitable organization. They normally have pickup trucks that will come at no cost and take whatever you have as long as it is boxed or bagged up. If you only have a few things left from your garage sale, drop the items off yourself at a local drop off bin.

The following local businesses or organizations may be able to help you get started.

Alice Mae Rentals
10510 Seminole Blvd
Largo, FL 33788
(727) 595-4757

Hospice Thrift Store
6528 Massachusetts Avenue
New Port Richey, FL 34653
(727) 841-7356

Tropic Signs and Shirts
716 Wesley Avenue #5
Tarpon Springs
(727) 942-4129

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