'My Mind Was Blown': Classmates Surprise Boy Who Lost Everything In House Fire With New ToysA Tennessee boy who lost all of his possessions in a house fire was "surprised and thankful" Friday when his classmates presented him with new toys.
'It's Rude!': 4th-Grader Refuses To Answer 'Offensive' Math Problem About Girls' WeightsThe mother of a Utah fourth-grader said she was "shocked" by a math problem included in her daughter's homework assignment, which she says sheds light on young girls' body image.
Woman Attacked By Bison Three Months After Date Was Gored At Same ParkA Utah woman was attacked by a bison Friday in Antelope Island State Park in Utah where her date had also been gored three months ago.
'I'm Done Here': Abusive Behavior By Parents Blamed For Youth Soccer Referee ShortageYouth soccer games are being cancelled at twice the normal rate this year due to a referee shortage blamed on bad behavior by parents and fans.
'We Are So Very Blessed': Girl With Down Syndrome Cheers At Her First Football GameAn Oklahoma mom is showing her appreciation for the staff and students of an Edmond school after her daughter with Down syndrome cheered at her first football game.
Police: Suspect Shot, Killed Driver For Looking At Him At Red LightAn Arizona man may have been shot and killed by another motorist for simply looking at him while stopped at a red light, police in Phoenix said.
'Un-American': Student Congress Passes Resolution Removing Pledge Of Allegiance From AgendaMembers of a student government body at the University of Oklahoma argued that the Pledge represented a history of oppression of minorities.
'Awesome Kid': High School Football Player Praised For Pausing To Honor National AnthemA North Carolina high school football player who paused to honor the national anthem is receiving worldwide praise for something he felt was simply "the right thing to do."
High School Evacuated After 'Bong' Misheard As 'Bomb'A Florida high school was evacuated Wednesday afternoon when a staff member misheard a warning from a caller.
Man Dies After Contracting Vibrio From Eating OystersA North Carolina man has died after contracting a harmful bacteria from eating oysters in Wilmington, according to friends of the victim's family.
WATCH: Woman Pumping Gas Kicked In Head By Leaping DeerA Georgia woman was filling up her gas tank before work this week when a deer suddenly leaped over her head, kicking her head in the process.
Woman Charged With Feeding Co-Workers Meth-Laced Bean DipAn Oregon woman who allegedly fed co-workers bean dip laced with methamphetamine was suspended from her job and faces criminal charges, investigators said.
WATCH: Sheriff's Office Employee Fired After Going On Racist Rant At McDonald'sAn employee of the Chatham County Sheriff's Office was fired Wednesday morning after he was caught on video in a verbal altercation with a customer who was speaking Spanish at a McDonald's restaurant.
Woman Mistakenly Rescues Wild Bobcat Thinking It Was A Domestic KittenA Tennessee woman who thought she had rescued a sweet little kitten from the side of a road was surprised to find out it was actually a potentially dangerous wild bobcat.
School Reverses 'Zero Dating Policy' For Fifth Graders After Causing 'Alarm'An elementary school that had banned fifth grade students from dating quickly reversed policy after some parents expressed concern.