Can People With Heart Problems Still Practice Hot Yoga?Studies have long shown the health benefits of yoga, but a Miami cardiologist is conducting a study to determine whether hot yoga improves vascular function and blood flow, especially for patients with hypertension and other vascular issues.
As Plant-Based Diets Shine, 5 Vegans Worth Watching in 2016Looking to eat less meat? 2016 is shaping up to be a fine time to get in touch with your inner vegan.
Governor, Legislature Explore Health Care TransparencyGov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature have found common ground on one important issue that impacts most residents — protection from price gouging at health care facilities.
Study: Smartphone Apps Best For Calorie CountersResearchers found people were more likely to stick to a food diary when keeping track with a smartphone app.
Study: Many Americans Not Sticking To Heart-Healthy LifestyleA new study reveals that many Americans are not sticking to a heart-healthy lifestyle.
Study: Deaths Rates Rising in Middle-Aged WhitesThe U.S. death rate has been falling for decades, but researchers have detected one group in which the rates have been steadily ticking up - middle-aged white people. Suicides and deaths from drug overdose and alcohol abuse are being blamed.
Surgeon General Calls For Steps To Promote Healthy WalkingTake a walk: That's the U.S. surgeon general's prescription for sedentary Americans - but communities will have to step up, too, and make neighborhoods easier and safer for foot traffic.
Across Much of US, A Serious Shortage of PsychiatristsIt is an irony that troubles health care providers and policymakers nationwide: Even as public awareness of mental illness increases, a shortage of psychiatrists worsens.
A Bold Move To save A Man's Hand: Tucking It Into His TummyCasey Reyes struggled for a way to explain the "sci-fi" surgery doctors were proposing to save her 87-year-old grandfather's badly burned hand.
Study Finds Peak Months For College Students' 1st Drug UseParents worried that their college-bound children might succumb to the temptations of campus life may want to take note of a new analysis that found that students tend to experiment with specific types of drugs for the first time during certain times of year.
Mental Health Experts Respond Carefully to Mass KillingsOne psychiatry professor calls it "the conversation we're stuck with," a teachable moment growing out of horror.
Romanian Music Fest Gives Free Tickets In Exchange For BloodRomania is tapping into the Dracula legend, offering concert-goers free tickets in exchange for their blood.
Becoming a Dad? Expect to Gain 3 to 5 Pounds, Study SuggestsA new study suggests that fatherhood often comes with a weight gain of 3 to 5 pounds. The research wasn't designed to prove fatherhood causes weight gain and raises more questions than it answers. But one outside expert said it is provocative work and should spark further study.
Q&A: As Obama Health Law Survives, GOP Split Over Next MoveHaving lost their latest war against President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, Republicans must decide how to wage battles that could fan the issue for the 2016 elections.
Right to Die: Colombian Man Ends Life With Government BackupDr. Gustavo Quintana walks out of a modest, two-floor apartment building in southern Bogota. Inside his black doctor's bag are vials containing anesthesia and muscle relaxants, a syringe and a rubber tourniquet. The man known in Colombia as Dr. Death has just ended the life of his 234th patient: a middle-aged woman suffering from incurable stomach cancer.