Runoff Election Running Smoothly Across The StateRunoff Election Running smoothly cross the state.
Judge Rejects Election Lawsuit Based On Bad DataJudge rejects election lawsuit based on bad data.
Secretary Raffensperger Launches Cobb County And Statewide Signature Match AuditsSecretary Raffensperger launches Cobb county and statewide signature match audits.
Trump Asks Supreme Court To Invalidate Georgia VotesPresident Donald Trump asked the Supreme Court on Wednesday to block millions of votes from four battleground states, including Georgia, that voted for President-elect Joe Biden
GA Sec. Of State Re-Certifies Election, Responds To More Alleged MisinformationElection officials have now re-certified Georgia’s election, as they continue responding to alleged misinformation and accusations of a rigged election.
Secretary Raffensperger Launches Investigation Of Florida Attorney Looking To Fraudulently Register And Vote In Georgia’s Runoff ElectionSecretary Raffensperger launches Investigation of Florida attorney looking to fraudulently register and vote in Georgia’s runoff election.
Raffensperger Says Faith And Past Personal Tragedies Helped Him Endure Difficult ElectionGeorgia Secretary of State Brett Raffensperger has been called a RINO - a Republican In Name Only – by President Donald Trump, for pushing back against the President’s unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud in the weeks following the election.
Georgia Sec. of State Raffensperger Responds To President's 'Rigged Election' TweetSecretary of State Raffensperger responds to President Trump's tweet and investigates alleged fraudulent voter registration solicitations.
'It Has To Stop': Georgia Election Officials Receive Death Threats During RecountAs the Georgia recount continues, the Secretary of State’s office says election officials are being harassed and receiving death threats.
Georgia Closes In On Post-Election Hand Audit DeadlineThe deadline for the state's ballot audit is midnight tonight. Earlier today, the Secretary of State's office gave an update on where they stand and more issues the audit found.
Secretary Raffensperger Issues Warning Against Activist Groups Helping Out Of State Illegal VotersSecretary Raffensperger issues warning against activist groups helping out of state illegal voters