Officials Seize Nearly 1K Fake COVID-19 Vaccination Cards In Baltimore AreaNearly 1K fake COVID-19 vaccination cards in Baltimore area.
Religious Exemptions To COVID-19 Vaccine May Be Easy to Claim, But Hard To ProveReligious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccine may be easy to claim, but hard to prove:
Across America And In Pittsburgh, A Large Percentage Of Law Enforcement Officers Are Not Vaccinated:Across America at large percentage of Law Enforcement Officers are not vaccinated.
United Airlines Plans To Fire 593 Employees Who Did Not Get COVID-19 Vaccination By DeadlinePlans to Fire 593 employees who did not get COVID-19 vaccination by deadline.
Wait Time Between Flu Shot And Booster? Dr. Mallika Marshall Answers COVID Vaccine QuestionsFlu Shot and booster? Dr. Mallika Marshall answers COVID vaccine questions.
Behind The Scenes: A Former Frontline Worker's MessageEarlier this month, CW44 News at 10 took you behind the scenes of the Covid-19 clinic. But this story doesn’t end there. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to plague cities across the country, frontline workers are quitting in groves due to the overwhelming surge of positive cases.
With COVID-19 Delta Variant Raging, Woman Wants Extension For Her Season’s Pass For Six Flags Great AmericaWith COVID-19 Delta variant raging, woman wants extension for her season.
'Continuous Mass Casualty': Local Frontline Workers Share Video DiaryAs the second wave of Covid-19 cases continue to surge across Florida, frontline workers right here in Tampa Bay are sharing their stories. We’re taking you inside the Covid-19 units at Tampa General Hospital. 
Demand For Fake COVID Vaccination Cards Up 257% Since March, Cybersecurity Expert SaysDemand for fake COVID vaccination cards up 257% since March.
1 In 3 Florida Pet Owners Experiencing Post-Pandemic Pet Regret, Poll Reveals1 In 3 Florida pet owners experiencing post-pandemic pet regret.
New York Auto Show Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Delta Variant ConcernsNew York Auto Show cancelled.