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  1. Joe says:

    My child is a unrner and I don’t mean 5K unrner. When he gets his feelings hurt or gets frustrated he runs away from the situation. When he is at school he ends up leaving the school. One time he got halfway to our house before the staff was able to catch up to him and stop him. We have been dealing with it by using behaviour coupons. If he makes it through the day without running he gets a coupon for various rewards (e.g. night out with mom, 15 minutes on the trampoline with Dad, read one of my favourite books, etc.). They are helping but he still seems to be running every once in a while. We have explained different ways to deal with a situation after it occurs but when the time comes he just instinctively flees. Is there any suggestions that you could make to enhance the way that we currently deal with the situation?

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