Experts Explain the Dangers of Mishandling BatteriesMost of us try our best to do it, but how do we know if we’re really doing it right? There’s a rhythm to recycling household electronics.
Hundreds of Items Recycled During CW44's Electronic Recycling DayQuicksilver Recycling partnered with CW44 Thursday and collected hundreds of recyclable electronics. Those old and unused electronics are now en route to quicksilver recycling where they’ll eventually become recycled materials.
Micro Forests To Combat Climate Change As More People Move To Tampa BayNearly 1,000 people are moving to Florida every single day and local nonprofits are working to combat climate change happening as a result of that rapid growth rate.
Experts Address Climate Change Impact on Florida's 'Growing Storms'Climate change experts are speaking up about storm patterns and the impact climate change has on Florida storms.
New Port Richey Teen Captures Eye of Tornado on VideoThe National Weather Service of Tampa Bay confirmed to CW44 News Wednesday two tornadoes touched down in the area Tuesday evening. No injuries have been reported.
New Disaster Prep Items Added to Florida Sales Tax Holiday List
'Vicarious Trauma': Psychological Impact of Texas School Shooting On U.S."We call this vicarious traumatization. Its bearing witness to other peoples’ trauma. When we see the loss of innocent children, that impacts us in a more traumatic way, as well."
Florida School Shooting Survivor Reacts to Texas School ShootingA Florida school shooting victim is speaking out about the incidents unfolding in Texas.
Experts Project Increase in Tampa Homeless Population, Hold MeetingThe City of Tampa is working to address the homelessness issue after anticipations it could grow worse.
Tampa Bay Animal Shelters Reaching Capacity Due to Housing CrisisSilk is proud of how far her local animal shelter has come, but part of a recent dramatic increase in the animal intake sector is due to the current housing crisis.
'I'm Terrified': Tampa Bay Parents Demand Solution to Baby Formula ShortageA nationwide shortage of baby formula has Florida families fuming. Parent’s tell CW44 News they are constantly in search of formula, but store shelves across the region are coming up empty.