CBS Reporter Betty Yu Shocked By 'Casualness Of Racism' In Steven Crowder's Comments"Here we are in 2021 -- and what’s triggering about that is what gave this guy the authority to decide what’s Americanized?" she said.
'Survivor 41' Episode 5 Recap: Trust Carries You To The EndThis new season of 'Survivor' just gets more intense by the week! Did you miss this week's episode? Here's how it all went down...
Suspected Human Remains Found In Florida Wildlife Preserve Where Authorities Are Searching For Brian LaundrieThere are new developments in connection with the disappearance and murder of Long Island native Gabby Petito.
Days May Be Numbered For Controversial Thomas Fallon Statue In San JoseDays may be numbered for controversial Thomas Fallon statue in San Jose.
Thieves Steal Your Identity To Get Rental Cars And You Get Stuck With The BillsThieves Steal Your Identity To Get Rental Cars And You Get Stuck With The Bills
Nikolas Cruz, Gunman In Parkland School Shooting, Pleads Guilty To All Counts In 2018 MassacreIt's a day many in the Parkland community and across South Florida have been waiting for.
'I Can't Live With Myself Sometimes': Chilling Apology From Parkland School Shooter Nikolas Cruz To Victims' Families After Guilty Plea"I love you. And I know you don't believe me. But I have to live with this every day. And it brings me nightmares. And I can't live with myself sometimes," Cruz said in court.
Parkland School Gunman Nikolas Cruz Pleads Guilty To Massacre On WednesdayParkland school gunman Nikolas Cruz to plead guilty.
Racism Declared A Public Health Crisis In New York CityThe city's Board of Health passed a resolution recognizing the impact of racism on people's health during the pandemic, which magnified inequities in communities of color. 
Supply Chain Issues: Port Of Oakland Officials Issue Plea For More Cargo Ships To Unload:Port Of Oakland officials issue plea for more cargo ships to unload.
Passenger Sets Himself On Fire Aboard eBART Train At Antioch StationPassenger sets himself on fire aboard eBART train at Antioch station