People are digging giant holes on the beach and it can be dangerous to both humans and wildlife.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – There’s a trend on TikTok that’s creating big problems on Florida beaches.

People are digging giant holes on the beach and it can be dangerous to both humans and wildlife.

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“I’ve noticed an influx of holes and sand castles too, varying in size. Every day it’s different,” said one famous local Tik Toker by the name of “TrashCaulin.”

“I really never saw that deep of a hole until that trend,” said Kristina Moreta with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.

One of the newest Tik Tok trends thousands of people are doing, is causing alarm.

“They had dug this table and chairs and everything, and it was deep, I mean these guys were probably six feet in this hole,” said Moreta.

These are the kinds of videos being posted on Tik Tok: People trying to dig as deep as they can.

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“Some of these holes are big enough to not see and for even people to fall and hurt themselves, so it’s getting dangerous out here,” said Caulin Donaldson.

The organization Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful is warning that it’s especially dangerous for baby turtles.

“Even a simple hole can trap even a mama turtle, and she’s coming in to lay her eggs and she flips over and she can’t get back up and she can’t lay her eggs to a little baby turtle who’s like a size like here, he’s not going to go around, he’s just trying to get to the ocean,” said Moreta.

Donaldson is using his platfrom to tell people to fill up holes after doing the challenge.

“When there’s things like holes they can fall in them and have a hard time getting out of them and when there’s sand castles, they can block them on the way to the ocean,” said Donaldson.

He spends every day out cleaning up our local beaches, and says it’s important to leave the beach the way you found it.

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“It’s the easy part, digging the hole is where most of the work is but then also filling it in is such a easy thing to do at the end of the day,” said Donaldson.