Environmental groups spend the day on Wednesday cleaning up trash along beaches.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Environmental groups spend the day on Wednesday cleaning up trash along beaches.

It’s all for World Oceans Day.

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“A lot of food wrappers, a lot of cups, and straws, a lot of food containers,” said resident, Rachel Barnes.

“Cigarettes, plastic bags, plastic bottles,” said resident, Jorge Rivas.

“We are finding plastic bags, sunscreen bottles, beach toys that people leave behind,” said Sheri Heilman with Ocean Allies.

These are some of the items found along Sand Key on Wednesday as crews came together to clean up beaches for World Oceans Day.

“This is a beautiful place for me, so that’s why I try to keep in clean,” said Rivas.

Clearwater residents like Jorge Rivas, say they joined in on the efforts to limit pollution and save marine life.

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“Sometimes they eat little pieces of the plastic. Sometime they get tied in plastic things,” said Rivas.

Sheri Heilman with a group called Ocean Allies says if everyone picked up a piece of trash and disposed of it in the right way every day, it would make a huge difference.

“Everything that is on this sand will end up in the water, whether it’s in a lake or stream,” said Heilman.

On Wednesday, volunteers like Rachel Barnes, collected 160 pounds of trash along Sand Key.

“I’m shocked. We have a full bag here, and I think it’s been maybe an hour that we’ve been out here. I think I need to be more mindful too. You don’t notice it until you’re really looking down at the ground. I’m shocked how much there is on just the short walkway here,” said Barnes.

Clean-up organizers say people should try to limit single-use plastics and use reef-friendly sunscreen. And if you see a piece of trash on the ground, pick it up.

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“It’s not okay to just stand by. We just have to do whatever we can to help,” said Barnes.