On Wednesday, Madeira Beach got its first "MobiMat." It's a mat that will help people with mobility disabilities cross through the sand easily.By Casey Albritton

MADEIRA BEACH, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – On Wednesday, Madeira Beach got its first “MobiMat.” It’s a mat that will help people with mobility disabilities cross through the sand easily.

Melissa Caufield is wheelchair-bound and trips to the beach used to be a hassle.

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“I had two strong family members carry me across the street. It was embarrassing,” said Caufield.

But now that’s going to change.

“I’m so excited I can go to the beach now with ease!” said Caufield.

Who knew a 42-foot-long mat could bring so much happiness?

“I can have beach parties with my friends and I can come out and watch the sunset,” said Caufield.

It’s called “Mobi-Mat- and on Wednesday, an organization called HUG, or Help Us Gather, opened up the mat to the public at Madeira Beach.

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“I’m independent,” said Caufield.

The Michael and Robin Lally Forward Foundation paid almost $6,000 for the mat, a price Johnny Heubel says is worth it.

“Handicap accessible is amazing. God bless each and everyone who made it handicap accessible on Earth,” said Heubel.

One year ago, 18-year-old Johnny Heubel, was playing football for his high school team, and suffered a brain injury. Heubel’s mom, Megan Beasley, says a mat like this one will bring him so much joy.

“Like wonderful. Yeah the process before, he wouldn’t be able to get up and walk on the beach, but with the chair, he will be able to go out and see the sand and enjoy the area,” said Beasley.

Heubel says smelling the salty breeze and watching the waves is an experience he can have more often.

“I never even dreamed about this. It’s one of a kind,” said Heubel.

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This is the third mat that comes out onto the beach in Pinellas County.