Gas prices are at an all time high since 2008, with gas stations posting over $4 per gallon in the Tampa Bay Area.By Casey Albritton

LARGO, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Gas prices are at an all time high since 2008, with gas stations posting over $4 per gallon in the Tampa Bay Area.

Drivers say a few months ago, they were paying about $35 to fill up their tanks, but now it’s ranging between $50 to $70.

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Driver Shannon Weeks says “Now I’m well over 55 to 60 dollars.”

All across the country gas prices are increasing, with Florida seeing the highest gas prices since 2008.

Shawn Kane, a local Tampa Bay resident, says “I’m just putting 50 dollars in no matter what… I’m at a quarter. I probably won’t even get full.”

The Florida average gas price just one week ago was roughly $3.51…and a year ago, $2.71. As of Tuesday, the average is hitting $4.15.

“I need to be very cognizant of where I’m driving, how much I’m driving,” said Weeks.

Weeks travels all over the state for work and uses her car for both work and personal use.

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“It’s going to get to a point where I have to go see family in the Carolinas…I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do that with gas prices on the rise and flights being at a higher price as well,” said Weeks.

A big reason for prices rising is because of the Russian-Ukrainian War, in which the United States is putting sanctions on Russia. And on Tuesday, President Biden announced the United States is banning all Russian oil and gas imports. For Weeks, it’s worth it to pay a little more because of the sanctions.

“For me in this situation, yes, but for the next person, they may not think so,” said Weeks.

But for Lajaune Boone, he doesn’t think the heightened gas prices are necessary.

“If there was no more war or fighting over oil or fracking, or that stuff, I would definitely pay the extra price,” said Boone.

Boone is now considering other options so he can continue to travel to visit loved ones.

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“Maybe get a smaller car. I don’t know. Like a more fuel efficient car. Maybe a Tesla,” said Boone.