Both the American Red Cross and SunCoast Blood Centers are sending food, water, supplies, and blood to the Midwest.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Two local organizations are helping people in need after deadly tornadoes devastated several states in the Midwest over the weekend, including Kentucky.

Both the American Red Cross and SunCoast Blood Centers are sending food, water, supplies, and blood to the Midwest.

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Volunteer for the American Red Cross in the Tampa Bay Area, Frank Hall is spending his Christmas a little differently this year.

“It’s just incredible. You’ve seen on TV people say it’s worse than a war-zone, and that’s exactly how you would describe it. I’ve had some friends and family say ‘Why would you go? with COVID and Christmas, you’re going to miss Christmas!’ My answer is: How can I not go?” said Hall.

Tuesday morning, he’s heading out to Kentucky to help deadly tornado survivors who have lost their homes and loved ones.

“You get emotional with them, you cry with them, you cry with them, you hug them,” said Hall.

After a tornado ripped through Western Kentucky last Friday, Eric Corliss with the Red Cross says people need the basics.

“A place to stay, foot to eat, things that you and I took for granted today, so many people have not had since Friday night,” said Corliss.

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“We do food and water, and we also do materials for cleanup supplies,” said Hall.

So eight volunteers with the organization are bringing those items to survivors, but the Red Cross isn’t the only one helping.

“We were activated Saturday morning. Saturday evening that blood arrived by plane to the region,” said Steve Malave with the SunCoast Blood Centers.

Malave says the organization shipped out O- and O+ blood to those in Kentucky, but more is needed.

“The devastation there is just beyond comprehension,” said Malave.

Malave, Corliss and Hall are all asking anyone who can donate money, food, water, or blood, to do so quickly.

“There was an immediate need for blood. That’s what we call a trauma situation,” said Malave.

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“The calvary’s coming, and we will be there as long as it takes,” said Hall.