(CBS) – CSI: Vegas returns with their third episode tonight at 10:00PM ET/PT on CBS and also available to stream with Paramount+. Paula Newsome stars as the new head of the CSI Crime Lab in this new series that takes the franchise back to its Las Vegas roots.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Newsome about the show’s early success and what’s in store for viewers tonight.

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MW- Paula, good to see you! How are you?

PN- I’m good, thank you very much. How are you?

MW- I’m doing well over here, excited to talk to you today! Right off the bat what does it mean to you to be a part of the CSI franchise?

PN- You know it’s one of the things that you never imagined happening. You imagine getting all kinds of phone calls but you don’t imagine getting cold calls to be a lead on the next CSI reboot. I’m just very, very grateful. It’s an amazing opportunity.

MW- But you did get that call, what was your reaction in that moment?

PN- You know, I took a picture of myself because I was so shocked. I just took a picture of my expression and I looked like that little kid from Home Alone.

MW- Hands on the face and everything?

PN- Exactly. [Laughs]

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MW- CSI: Vegas has the benefit of having a few cast members from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. How much of a help has it been to lean on those folks who have been through this before?

PN- So very, very helpful. They bring such a wealth of expertise from many years and it’s amazing.

MW- What’s the reception like been from fans who have been waiting for this series to return?

PN- I was a little nervous but I will tell you they have been so excited and so welcoming. People are very excited that the shows back and now to have Max as the head of the lab is awesome.

MW- What are some of your favorite things about Max as a character?

PN- She’s a good person. My belief is that she decided to be head of the lab because the science that they do is so very important to her. At heart she’s a scientist. that’s who she is at heart.

Taking on this responsibility to be the head of the lab is about Maxine just wanting to put her big wings around an organization.

MW- We’re all very excited to see that continue to unfold tonight. Paula, it’s been great to speak with you, thank you so much for the time and all the best moving forward!

PN- Thank you so much, take care.

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CSI: Vegas airs Wednesday nights at 10:00PM ET/PT on CBS and available to stream with Paramount+. Check your local listings for more information.