(CBS) – The Neighborhood is back tonight with a brand new episode at 8:00PM ET/PT on CBS and also available to stream with Paramount+.

CBS’ Matt Weiss spoke to Marcel Spears, who plays Marty on the show, to discuss tonight’s new episode and what it’s like to work with talented co-stars.

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MW- Hey Marcel, good to see you! Season four of The Neighborhood still going strong. How does it feel to be a part of this show with all the success you’ve had as a cast?

MS- That means a lot. One of the really amazing privileges is that I get an opportunity to be a part of something that I feel like talks about who we are, at this time. Where we are and what it’s like to be just the average American family.

I think it’s one of those things that’s very nostalgic in that way. It’s so relatable and it cuts across a lot of cultural divides which I think was the purpose of the show. To get to do that and then to get the longevity to do it for four years now and still counting is really, really exciting.

MW- As a bit of a younger actor on the show, how much does it mean to be able to work with people like Cedric and Tichina and Max and Beth?

MS- It’s still not real. It’s still not real, like even today with Tichina. In this episode we don’t really interact as much, so I was passing by in rehearsal and she was like oh my gosh I haven’t seen you! I have to pinch myself and be like this is Tichina Arnold, it’s surreal.

It’s one of those things where I’m honored that I get to learn from them and work with them as I’ve grown, but also as a fan it makes me just like super excited every day.

MW- As you’ve grown as an actor, how has Marty grown as a character?

MS-  The cool thing about Marty is him sort of being the bridge between the two families. He has a foot in both worlds being sort of an outsider amongst the Butler’s because he’s a little nerdy and a little corny and relating to Dave in that way. He’s also still being very much a part of the Butler’s though and has like a cool balance to sort of hold on to.

As we’ve developed his character and his role as young man he’s sort of finding his individuality and being comfortable in his own skin. He’s learning about love and life and these tougher life lessons that younger millennials are probably relating to right now. It’s interesting to watch a character like Marty sort of go through these growing pains and changes in and try find himself.

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MW- As you’ve flushed out Marty as a character over the years, are there any aspects of yourself you’ve started to bring in?

MS- 100%. I would say a good portion of Marty is, is Marcel. I’m a nerd, I’m a mama’s boy, I’m really big on family. Marty has this genuine love and and almost childlike innocence in the way he approaches things; is something that I have always had.

I think those are the things about Marty I really admire and those are the parts of myself that I wish I could go to and live in a little more.

MW- In tonight’s episode Marty is getting set up by a professional matchmaker, what’s in store for viewers?

MS- So Marty is really putting himself out there. I think in the past, especially in the past season, he’s been more reserved and he’s sort of either had crushes on whoever happened to be next to him even if it wasn’t an obvious fit. He wants so badly to be with someone and be somebody’s partner that it kind of influences his decision making.

Marty is planning to be more selective now and sort of define what he wants. He’s at an age now where he’s starting to think beyond just himself. He has a good job, he’s got his own place with his brother and now he wants that missing piece.

I think a lot of young people are turning to the apps these days and so Marty is trying it the old fashioned way; like the old, old fashioned way [Laughs]. So he is getting a matchmaker to find him some lovely candidates and we’ll see how it unfolds tonight.

MW- Wishing the best for Marty and always a pleasure to speak with you Marcel. All the best and take care!

MS- Thank you, man.

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The Neighborhood airs Mondays at 8:00PM ET/PT on CBS and streaming with Paramount+. Check your local listings for more information.