Both Hillsborough and Sarasota Counties were removed from that list because they adjusted their mask policies.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – On Thursday, the Florida State Board of Education threatened to fine a total of ten school districts for going against the governor’s executive order.

Both Hillsborough and Sarasota Counties were removed from that list because they adjusted their mask policies. Hillsborough changing the policy just one day before the board of education meeting.

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Hillsborough County Schools cut it close. On Wednesday the district removed it’s mask mandate with a medical opt-out, and instead replaced it with a mask mandate in which parents can opt-their child out by filling out a simple form, and doing this just barely saved the district from a state-enacted penalty.

The penalty could have been a fine and monitoring by the State Board of Education.

The board held a meeting on Thursday to penalize districts that have violated the governor’s executive order which says parents should be able to decide if their children wear masks or not. Hillsborough County Schools parent, Aly Legge says she fully supports masks being optional in schools.

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“We have a child that is on the autism spectrum, and he also has sensory issues so he doesn’t do well in a mask,” said Legge.

But she says districts that enforced a strict mask mandate broke the law and should have been held accountable.

“For elected servants that we have elected to serve us to be held to a lower standard than regular citizens, it sends a very bad message,” said Legge.

On the other hand, parent Damaris Allen, says she is upset there’s no longer a strict mask mandate in place.

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“Disappointed, in their decision to remove the mask policy, but I also understand why they made that decision. They have to make sure our schools are able to be funded. It really could put us in a position where we are operating even further at a deficit all because we opted to protect kids,” said Allen.