(Originally published on Oct. 2, 2021)

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS Minnesota) —  Disturbing new details about why a Minnesota high school canceled its football season have been uncovered by WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. School leaders and police in the city of Proctor won’t talk specifics, but multiple students told the CBS station about a locker room assault and the video that spread on social media.

“Everyone’s just super stressed. It’s just hard,” Phoenix Koski told WCCO. With her guardian’s permission, Koski, a senior at Proctor High School, talked about the controversy unfolding over the last two weeks.

A senior year she was looking forward to after so many changes from the pandemic the two years prior. “It’s bad, it’s bad,” she said.

Now, no football season after what Koski says she saw posted on social media. Multiple students claim two football players held down another player as a third, older teammate used an item to sodomize that player held on the ground.

“I think it was gross. Really gross,” another high school senior, Tony Villebrun, said.

Students told WCCO it took days for school officials to find out as video and pictures circulated among classmates on Snapchat. “I think the dude that did it should definitely get punished for what he did,” Jayce Grover, a senior, said.

As the public awaits the findings of a police investigation, the station reports that the students in the video haven’t been seen in class since school leaders found out.There’s also been a show of support for the victim.

“I think Proctor has a bunch of good kids, and it’s not fair to lump everybody together over one’s actions,” Grover said.

“I don’t think they should have taken away everyone’s football season, give the rest of the kids a chance…they weren’t a part of it,” Koski added.

WCCO checked again Friday and the school board, superintendent and police are still not talking publicly about what happened. All are citing privacy laws for their decisions to stay quiet.

The station also reached out to the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office. A spokesperson said they are waiting for the results of the police investigation before deciding on filing any possible criminal charges.