All money from the pumpkin patch goes straight to dogs, cats, and bunnies in need.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – The pumpkin patch at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay is now officially open! All money from the pumpkin patch goes straight to dogs, cats, and bunnies in need.

At the Humane Society of Tampa Bay, officials say they are seeing a huge influx of kittens right now, compared to previous years, which it why they say it’s so important to take advantage of the pumpkin patch and come out to adopt or donate.

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Karen Keith is buying her pumpkins this year from the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

“I want to decorate the front porch with halloween items,” said Keith.

But decorations aren’t her priority. She’s also a huge animal-lover.

“For me, I love having animals around. You come home and they are happy to see you,” said Keith.

So this Halloween, she’s encouraging everyone to get their pumpkins at the humane society.

“You know, they take these animals in, they give them the proper medical treatment, and then they go on to a loving home. It’s almost like rags to riches,” said Keith.

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All proceeds from the pumpkin patch are going directly to medicine and the care of the animals at the shelter. Maria Matlack works at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and says the organization needs to raise a lot of money right now.

“When COVID-19 initially hit, we did see a little bit of a dip because we had three key major events that we rely on every year for funding and of course due to covid, we had to cancel all of them,” said Matlack.

She also says the building is getting really full.

“We’re actually seeing an influx of kittens and stray dogs more so that what we are used to this time of year. We aren’t sure what’s really going on,” said Matlack.

Keith says an adoption or even the purchase of one small pumpkin can make a big difference.

“They have this terrible beginning, they are eating trash out of a garbage can and then they go to living a wonderful life,” said Keith.

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The pumpkin patch here at the humane society is open through October 31.