“Our analysis points to a significant crisis."By Andrea Alvarez

“The pandemic has absolutely exacerbated the workforce shortages in our hospitals,” explained Mary Mayhew who serves as President and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association. The healthcare worker shortage isn’t letting up.

“So we need to lay the foundation now in order to meet the healthcare needs of Florida’s population which is rapidly growing,” she said. Florida had a shortage of nurses throughout the pandemic with few entering the line of work and too many leaving, and the future isn’t looking easier. We’re facing a nursing crisis according to the FHA.

“Our analysis points to a significant crisis in our healthcare workforce around nurses in particular,” said Mayhew. The report was commissioned by the FHA and Safety Net Hospital Alliance of Florida and tells us the state faces a shortage of nearly 60,000 nurses come 2035.

Behind The Scenes: A Former Frontline Worker’s Message

“We are facing a shortage of a little more than 12% of the RN’s over the span of time, and a forecasted 30% of the LPN’s,” she explained. “We need to start looking at career pathways for individuals who may be a CNA today and want to pursue that RN degree.”

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