It's called “Paper” and is aimed to help students keep up with school work while they are in quarantine.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Hillsborough County Schools is offering a new tutoring program to students for free. It’s called “Paper” and is aimed to help students keep up with school work while they are in quarantine.

District leaders say as long as a student has access to a phone and can text, they can speak with a tutor in any subject! The program is also available on computer and tablet.

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Sixth grader, Sophia Nellickel, spends a lot of time at home these days, attending classes online.

She says “Sometimes I don’t get to fully understand what the teacher is saying, so I would just go on this and it would reteach whatever I didn’t understand. I take way too many breaks and I end up not getting up not getting anything finished because there are always distractions.”

Nellickel was in quarantine previously for twelve days and now she’s back in quarantine again, but a new program, called “Paper” is helping her keep up with her homework.

Terry Connor, District Deputy Superintendent says “They have someone that they can help problem solve when students are given assignments from their teachers when they go in quarantine. The missing piece is having that teacher there to help them when they come to those struggles.”

Hillsborough county schools signed a $2.6 million contract with the company called “Paper,” which provides tutors to students 24/7.

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“Students can upload pictures, they can type, they can chat, they can draw whatever on their end to help,” said Connor.

The district says the tutors are available over a phone and the tutoring is done through messaging. The tutors can help with over 200 subjects, but you don’t have to be in quarantine to access them.

“They can take advantage of it after football practice when they need that assistance on homework,” said Connor.

According to the Hillsborough County Schools district website, a little over 3,100 people are in quarantine or isolation and Nellickel says she thinks the new program will help students continue to learn while having to stay home.

“You can take a picture of your question and send it to them and they will replay in 20 to 30 seconds,” said Nellickel.

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Officials say they do have tutors available who speak English and other languages as well. The district says up to 100,000 students in grades six through twelve can take advantage of the program.