Tampa Mayor Jane Castor is launching a brand new initiative called Fix It Fast.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Tampa Mayor Jane Castor is launching a brand new initiative called Fix It Fast. The new program aims to fix any pothole or road issue within 72 hours after a complaint is made to the city.

Rachel Packard is a nanny in Tampa and says every time she travels to pick up the kids she takes care of, the drive is frustrating.

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“They’re terrible. They are frequent and they are large. I’m from Illinois so I’m used to them but they are terrible for the car and I have the kiddos in the car in the backseat and the bumps are intolerable for me and the kids don’t like them. Some people will swerve to avoid the potholes, causing extra road concerns,” said Packard

But now Tampa leaders say anyone who reports a road issue can now get the problem fixed within 72 hours.

Jane Castor, Tampa Mayor, says “Whether it’s a pot hole, a street sign down, a limb in the road, a limb obstructing vision.”

The new initiative, called Fix It Fast, started by Mayor Castor has a team dedicated to responding to calls about the road.

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Jean Duncan with the City of Tampa says “A small crew that’s focused on addressing these issues and then we have an out ring of crews, depending on the issues at hand, whether a tree limb or a sign etcetera, then we prioritize these requests and get the other crews out to address the problem.”

Mayor Castor says the program has been in the works for a while.

“We envisioned this pre-pandemic and then once the pandemic happened about 18 months ago, we had one or two issues we had to deal with right away,” said Mayor Castor.

The city repairs an average of seven thousand potholes every year and Mayor Castor says with the new program in place, more could be filled.

“If everything is fixed and there are no potholes anymore, then it’s going to be a huge improvement for safety,” said Packard.

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Mayor Castor says you can file a road complaint 24 hours a day any day of the week.