DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. (CW69 News at 10) — Protesters have continued their fight for justice in the case of Zadok Williams, a DeKalb County man killed by police. The family is now pressuring county officials to fire Sergeant Devon Perry, the officer who pulled the trigger.

Perry shot and killed Williams back in April when responding to a call about a suspicious person. Protesters say Police Chief Mirtha Ramos has not addressed their concerns, so they’re taking the battle to elected officials. “Today, we were able to meet with CEO Thurmond as well as two of the commissioners,” said the family’s attorney, Mawuli Davis. They sat down with DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond and Commissioners Mereda Davis Johnson (District 5) and Lorraine Cochran-Johnson (Super District 7). “We felt like they were receptive. They heard, they listened,” Davis said. “At one point, I was beginning to feel like no one cared in DeKalb County, but CEO Thurmond and the commissioners that were there, they did give their condolences. They were attentive,” said Williams’ mother, Chris A. Lewis.

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Supporters are grateful about the meeting but say the delayed response from elected officials is concerning. “You get a paycheck every month. You’re not giving it back, then do your job,” said DeKalb Southern Christian Leadership Conference President Nathan Knight.

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Davis says they discussed policies and procedures he says the officers did not follow. He said they failed to contact SWAT, which provides negotiators in barricade situations, didn’t keep their distance during the reported mental health crisis, used excessive force and failed to render aid. “They really reacted as if they were cowboys, as if they were a game,” Davis said. “I’m just hoping they will do the right thing and fire Sgt. Perry,” said Lewis.

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Neither Thurmond nor the commissioners have immediately responded to CW69’s requests for comment. The DeKalb County District Attorney is expected to decide whether Perry will face criminal charges.