The University of South Florida will test the Moderna vaccine on children between the ages of 6 months old and less than 11 years old.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – The University of South Florida will test the Moderna vaccine on children between the ages of six months old and eleven years old.

The new trial is called the KidCOVE study, and it will test how 12,000 children respond to the Moderna Vaccine. It includes 100 trial sites across the United States and Canada, including one site in Tampa Bay.

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Dr. Carina Rodriguez is leading the trial at the University of South Florida and says “We are really very honored that we have this opportunity to bring this trial to the community.”

It’s a milestone many pediatric doctors have been waiting for: a wide-spread trial for the Moderna vaccine with children between six months old and eleven years old.

“It’s been very successful in adults and we expect something similar in children,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez ays the vaccine will look a little different than what’s we’ve seen previously.

“It has different steps to select the doses of the vaccine for the different ages,” said Rodriguez.

She says the injection has the same make-up of the other Morderna vaccine, and three out of four of the child volunteers will receive an active dose of the vaccine, and the fourth will receive a placebo injection.

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“These participants are really watched very, very carefully through the year they are involved in the trial,” said Rodriguez.

Pediatrician at MyKidzMD, Dr. Regina Hardin says “I would definitely say yes, we do need to have as many populations, diverse populations as we can to make sure that it is safe for everyone.”

Hardin ays this trial is important, as she has had a lot more children show up to her clinic and testing positive for coronavirus lately.

“We have seen so many more children being affected by the Delta variant and needing to be tested and ending up in the hospital,” said Rodriguez.

She says it’s important to give children a chance to fight off COVID-19 the way vaccinated adults have been able to for the last several months.

“In the long-run, making sure we can immunize as many people as we can, of course making sure that everything is safe, then i think everyone in the community is going to be better for it,” said Rodriguez.

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This trial at the University of South Florida is completely voluntary and will enrollment for the trial will start in the next few days.