DEKALB COUNTY, GA. (CW69 News at 10) —  A DeKalb County grandmother is fighting to get her grandchildren back after she says their mother kidnapped them.

Ingrid Carter remembers the last day she saw her three granddaughters. “The mother, Tiecca Brown, came to get the children for a visit. They were gonna stay with her for a week,” she said, explaining how she reached out several times after more than a week had passed. “I said, ‘Bring the kids home,’ and she said, ‘No, I’m gonna keep my kids. They’re my kids. I don’t care what the court says.’”

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A court granted Carter custody of her son’s daughters when he became incarcerated and when their mother was deemed as unfit to raise them. She filed a police report on August 17, 2020, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children released a flyer of the mother, Tiecca Brown, and her daughters, Tahirah, 9, Talaya, 7, and Thailynn, 5. “The days and the months went by. I kept calling police. They told me they hadn’t found anything yet,” said Carter. She says U.S. Marshals found them in North Carolina last month, but no one has extradited Brown or returned the kids. “They told me that they turned it over to the police department,” Carter said.

The case has stalled between DeKalb police and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina. Carter’s attorney Ashley Pate says the gridlock happens all too often. “They don’t get involved in domestic disputes, and then once they find out it’s a jurisdictional issue once you have to cross state lines, they will kind of drag their feet,” said Pate.

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CW69 reached out to DeKalb police and was told in an email they were looking into it. “The courts have to give full faith and credit to each other. I would just hope that the police departments would be able to do the same thing and coordinate with each other a little bit better,” Pate said. Carter says closure can’t come soon enough. “Bring my grandkids home. Send the warrant to North Carolina,” she said.  We also reached out to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office as well, but they have not responded.

In the meantime, she says she’s more than ready to travel to North Carolina for the reunion she has waited for since August 2020.

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The story was updated to correct the year of the police report to 2020 from 2021.