For many people in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, when it comes to Hurricanes, their big concern is flooding.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Tampa Bay Residents spent Monday and Tuesday filling sand bags and getting ready for Hurricane Elsa.

CW44’s Casey Albritton learned what people’s biggest concerns are when it comes to Hurricane Season this year.

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At MacFarlane Park, the City of Tampa provided over six dump trucks full of sand for the community, and many people who came out say since the ground is so wet in this area already, they hope those sand bags protect their homes from flooding.

Tampa resident, Belinda Llanes, says “When it rains as hard as it’s been raining, every single day, our roads are covered over, my backyard is flooded, my front yard gets flooded. I worry it’s going to meet in the middle in my house.”

Tampa resident, Uriah Charles agrees. He says “Where we live, it’s a flood zone and we are trying to be safe. We are kind of worried about it.”

For many people in Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties, when it comes to Hurricanes, their big concern is flooding.

Tampa resident, Jay Passmore, says “This year it could be us, you know or it could be our neighbors. You never know.”

Others say they are worried about water damage.

Tampa resident Javonte Lofton says he’s concerned about his roof.

“The rain that’s coming down on it, putting pressure on it. That’s probably the most concerning,” said Lofton.

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That’s why hundreds of residents in Tampa Bay spent Monday and Tuesday filling bags with sand, while several lent a helping hand.

Tampa resident, Lorraine Comer says “We’ve got people who just have one person, people who are elderly, people who have some kind of disability, so we were just helping out.”

Passmore also helped.

“There was an elderly lady. She didn’t come with a shovel, she needed one and she was just kind of devastated, so I started helping fill hers up,” said Passmore.

But people who came to get sand bags at MacFarlane Park aren’t only concerned about the weather.

“I’m worried about disabled folks, people in wheel chairs, how the infrastructure of this county could be impacted,” said Passmore.

No matter how future hurricanes impact the Tampa Bay Area, residents say their sense of community will only get stronger.

“Just keep your eye out for someone who might not be as fortunate as you and see if you can bring them water or snacks,” said Passmore.

“It’s time to be a family so everybody needs to get together and help out one another because this storm doesn’t have any races, no name, it’s just one storm coming through for everybody,” said Comer.

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City officials say during any storm event, you need to have an emergency kit and a plan in place.