Many people who got vaccinated at the FEMA site say everything went smoothly and quickly when it came to getting their COVID-19 vaccine.By Casey Albritton

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Wednesday was the first day that the new federally run COVID-19 vaccine site opened in Tampa.

Site organizers say they hope to vaccinate up to 2,000 people every single day at the Tampa Greyhound Track.

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Many people who got vaccinated at the FEMA site say everything went smoothly when it came to getting their COVID-19 vaccine and they think it went so well because it’s run by the Federal Government.

Efrain Ruiz, Tampa Bay resident says “In and out. It was so easy. Fast. No pain at all.”

Katherleen Davis, Tampa Bay resident says “I’m thrilled. It was as smooth as silk and everyone was pleasant.”

As drivers made their way through the new federal COVID-19 vaccine site in Tampa, they were shocked at how well the vaccination process went.

“I thought the guy was playing with me and he said, ‘No, you’re done’ and I didn’t even feel it,” said Ruiz.

After months of trying to get the vaccine through other locations, Efrain Ruiz, and his sister, Yvonne Ruiz, say they finally got an appointment at the new FEMA site.

“I’ve been dialing and dialing and I couldn’t get through,” said Yvonne Ruiz.

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As a health care worker, it’s something Efrain Ruiz says is a blessing.

“We’re in and out with patients and I feel that I can come home and hug my daughter and feel I’m not going to contract it or I’m not going to give it to her,” said Ruiz.

He says getting the vaccine will also help his mental health.

“I feel that I can go into work, well in a week from now, is what he said, and not be so wound up and tense,” said Ruiz.

For Davis, it’s a chance to have some sort of life again.

“I haven’t been outside but about 25 times in the last 14 months,” said Davis.

Officials say anyone listed by Governor DeSantis as eligible for the vaccine can come to the Tampa Greyhound Track to get one. With the new site vaccinating thousands of people every week, Ruiz says it’s one step closer to a new normal.

“So we can all be together and be a family again,” said Ruiz.

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If you’re interested in getting a vaccine at the Tampa Greyhound Track, you can sign up using the state’s pre-registration system.