(CBS Boston/CBS Local) — Budweiser announced it is sitting out this year’s Super Bowl airing on CBS, but Clydesdales will still be used to sell beer in the commercials. Sam Adams has unveiled an ad for the championship game that puts a twist on the familiar sales pitch.

The 30-second spot – which will air on game day regionally in Boston and New York – may have viewers thinking at first that they’re watching a Bud commercial featuring the iconic horses. But then the TV troublemaker known as “Your Cousin From Boston” sets the horses free, and mayhem ensues.

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“Oops, I did not see that coming,” he says. “Can we not tell my mom about this?”

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It’s all to promote the Boston Beer Company’s new “Wicked Hazy” IPA.

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Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Audi are among the other brands choosing not to fork over millions of dollars for an ad spot this Super Bowl. Big Brands like M&Ms, Pringles are Toyota are still running ads, the AP reports.