Winter and Hope celebrate the 10th and 15th anniversary of being rescued.By Andrea Alvarez

CLEARWATER, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Hometown movie star dolphins, Winter and Hope celebrate their rescue anniversaries this week. Local organizations emphasize the event to celebrate not just the famous dolphins but to encourage rescuing furry land friends as well.

SPCA Tampa Bay, the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA) and other rescue organizations are all coming together this week to celebrate Winter and Hope’s rescue anniversaries by bringing puppies and foster families in the mix. “Animals, we know they have their own language. And there is a special connection between the puppies and the dolphins, we can obviously see that in the video.” Eric Keaton, Chief Marketing Officer, SPCA Tampa Bay.

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CREDIT: Clearwater Marine Aquarium | CW44 News At 10

You may remember hearing about Winter the dolphin, who was rescued after being stuck in a crab trap 15 years ago. “We are celebrating what these animals have overcome, their rescue stories and how they ended up here – allowing us to inspire others in their personal lives as well,” said Brie Cordier, Animal Care Specialist at CMA. “The buoy was moving around, I knew something was going on. Right when I got there, all of a sudden, Winter comes off the bottom with the rope and the trap and everything all wrapped around her and, just got my filet knife and cut the line,” said Jim Savage, the fisherman who saved Winter.

CREDIT: Clearwater Marine Aquarium | CW44 News At 10

5-year CMA Animal Care Specialist Brie Cordier says they’ve come a long way since being rescued. “We have seven dolphins, currently. They all have very different personalities. Hope is one of my favorites and she has a very playful and fun personality, whereas Winter is a little bit more on this sassy side,” said Cordier.

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Rescue specialists from all across the county want to take your mind off of the pandemic for a moment and give you a chance at bonding with animals from both land and sea.  “Our rescue team will be very involved. They will have rescue trucks outside for the kids to see. SPCA Tampa Bay will have some rescue dogs here in case anyone is looking for a furry friend to bring home,” said Cordier.

CREDIT: Clearwater Marine Aquarium | CW44 News At 10

“Charity organizations have found a way to work together and what better way to work together than to celebrate rescues,” said Keaton. “Hopefully, as the pandemic eases up, hopefully then we are able to return to somewhat normal.”

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium invite you to check in on the Winter & Friends live webcam.

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