"The season's not over. It's 2020 and we're not saying that the party's over just because it's November, we're ready to respond."By Andrea Alvarez

(CW44 News At 10) – Officials are continuing response efforts across Tampa Bay following Tropical Storm Eta. Local government officials share tips to help keep you and your family safe during this cleanup and recovery effort.

“We’re working with our partners at the National Weather Service to monitor river levels,” said Hillsborough County’s Emergency Management Operations Section Chief, Inaki Rezola.

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Debris washed up on Bayshore Blvd in Tampa, Florida near MacDill AFB.
Photo Credit: Jon Harsanje | CW44 News At 10

Tropical Storm Eta may have passed but response efforts are still well underway. In Pinellas County, Public Information Manager, David Connor says “We are working to return to normal this weekend and today. Our damage crews are out doing assessments throughout the county and also responding to citizen reports.” Local Government officials are warning residents of the continued dangers lingering on back roads and backyards you need to be weary of as you head out this weekend. “If you do see downed power lines, don’t touch them, just call Duke Energy. If you do happen to come across standing water in the road, don’t drive through it. Don’t walk through it.”

You should also be cautious of running generators or clearing fallen trees and debris. Connor says to proceed with help cautiously as well as unlicensed contractors are an issue in Pinellas County. “If you have water damage stuff in your home, number one, take photos of it – take photos of everything before you throw it out. And that’s really important if you file an insurance claim later on. If you do have damages inside your home, and someone’s going door to door offering to come in and fix it, make sure that they are a licensed contractor and that they are licensed to do what they’re offering to do for you before you pay them.”

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In Hillsborough County, Emergency Management officials say they to face countless hours of preparation and response. “Close to 100 county employees that were just supporting directly those those five shelters. Public safety, you know, we have our Public Works teams ready with sandbags. So it’s a very large operation that’s behind the scenes,” said Rezola, ultimately meeting their goal. “There’s probably about at least 25 residences that have been impacted by the storm. So far, we’ve been able to find.”

Rezola reminds CW44 News At 10 that storm threats are not over yet, stating, “The season’s not over. It’s 2020 and we’re not saying that the party’s over just because it’s November, we’re ready to respond.”

Residents can document their property damage online with the damage assessment tool – or report flooding and road problems.

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Pinellas County residents can document property damage here: Online Damage Assessment Tool

Hillsborough County Residents can visit Hillsborough County’s resource site or call (813) 272-5900 to report flooding and road problems or to request additional information.

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