BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Demonstrators gathered in cities around the country on Wednesday, calling for every vote cast in the 2020 presidential election to be counted.

Across the State of Maryland, demonstraters peacefully called for a fair election.

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From Annapolis to Baltimore, people came together with signs in hand, demanding every vote across the country is counted.

“No matter who gets elected, no matter who claims victory, we want to make sure all of the votes are counted,” Rev. Dellyne Hinton, of Count Every Vote Maryland, said.

This comes as President Donald Trump prematurely claimed victory in the election early Wednesday, and his campaign filed lawsuits, challenging the vote count in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

Along Northern Parkway in north Baltimore, members of Count Every Vote Maryland joined forces with religious leaders, calling for every ballot cast to be tallied.

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“There’s no reason to stop counting votes,” one demonstrator said. “People have legally cast their votes all over the country and they need to be counted.”

In downtown Baltimore, the People’s Power Assembly shut down traffic to march.

“It’s going to take a people’s struggle to make sure there’s any form, even if it’s a distorted form, of democracy in this country,” a demonstrator told WJZ.

With the results looming, many say protecting the integrity of the election is vital.

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“Every citizen deserves to have their vote counted in a lawful manner,” Charlie Cooper, of County Every Vote Maryland, said. “And the effort to not count votes is slated toward stealing power.”