More than two dozen Tampa Bay artists, some of which have still never met each other in person, are using music to inspire their community to cast their ballots come November. By Andrea Alvarez

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – With the 2020 election less than two months away, it’s sure to nothing short of historic. A group of local musicians and artists lended their talents to a locally produced music video to inspire the battleground state of Florida to vote.

“I loved the idea that it was a community project that everybody was volunteering their time, that everybody was from completely different musical backgrounds,” said Ashley Smith, Singer/Vocal Coach. “It was going to be a collaboration of the arts and for something that would better our community.”

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They’re using their voices to get you to vote. More than two dozen Tampa Bay artists, some of which have still never met each other in person, are using music to inspire their community to cast their ballots come November.

“I’ve participated in voter registration drives in past elections, but this was not the year to go door to door. So I came up with the idea, we could create a music video with an original song,” said Michelle Passoff, Executive Producer. “And I’m not a singer or songwriter so I got on Google and I started “googling” and assembled a diverse group of people aged 16 to 77.”

Little did she know, Passoff was recruiting the perfect team back in march for the project.

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“It was easier than I thought it would be. People said yes because they shared the purpose and the goal which is to get out the vote,” said Passoff.

It was that first zoom call that would show it. “I see like 20 people and everybody was talking about voting and so I was like I’m the perfect person for this because I don’t vote,” said Music Producer, Nawlage. “It’s that we get tied up in so many things in life. Like you go to the bank to open up a bank account, it takes you three hours. That’s what we’re accustomed to. They’re going to ask too many questions. You start getting scared. It’s just fear, I think it’s just fear.”

After speaking with his new team, Nawlage took a chance.  “I actually went on the website afterwards and I registered,” he said. After knowing her from past studio sessions, he got in touch with the perfect voice for the song.

“And I knew through music, it was going to be the most beneficial, the loudest way to get my voice out there,” said Smith. He had already been manifesting a way to get involved with 2020 voting process in her own style. “We had a meeting of the minds and discussed, like ‘what can we do?’. And we came back to voting. And not just voting for your president but voting on a community level for people who can be your voice; to represent your state or your community within the country and I think that it starts there,” she said.

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From videographers to singers and a legal team, there were over a couple dozen people involved in the making and all were volunteers for the project. Nawlage tells CW44 News At 10 that he plans to meet Passoff for the first time in person on Thursday. You can view the full music video here.