The number of new cases is still rising nationally.

ATLANTA, Ga. (CW69 News at 10/CNN) – Although the number of cases is still climbing nationwide, at least two states that had previously seen a surge are now reporting some improvement.

The Georgia Department of Public Health reported 1,298 new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, marking the first time the state has reported fewer than 1,300 daily cases in more than two months.  The number of new cases is now lower than the April 7 early peak.

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Florida, meanwhile, reported its lowest daily death figure in months on Sunday: 14.

Neither state has reached those benchmarks since June 22.

Florida and Georgia both are among the top five states in the country in terms of total infection counts.

‘We have power against this virus, but it requires all of us to exert our power together’

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Coronavirus continues to be a serious threat in the US, but knowledge gained about the virus over the last six months means Americans have power against it, Dr. Deborah Birx said.

“We see the numbers on the TV and in the news every single day of the number of Americans who have lost their lives to this virus. We don’t lose that many Americans to a virus like the flu virus every year,” Birx said during a media appearance in Minnesota. “So, this is a serious threat.”

But, she said, the US knows how to stop transmission.

The last six months of the pandemic have provided insight into why masks are important, that homemade two-ply masks are effective and the physical distancing is important, Birx said.

“Not only is the virus real, the consequences of the virus is real. The hospitalizations that we still have every week is real. The number of Americans that we have lost to this virus are real,” Birx said. “But what is also real is we have a way to prevent its spread, and I think this really needs to be a balanced message of ‘we have power against this virus, but it requires all of us to exert our power together.'”

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