DuBoise: 'I have no bitterness in my heart. If you keep bitterness in your heart, it just steals your joy from everything else.'By Andrea Alvarez

TAMPA, Fla. (CW44 News At 10) – Wednesday, CW44 News At 10 reported Hardee Correctional Facility inmate, 55-year-old Robert DuBoise was wrongfully convicted of murder back in 1983, according to Hillsborough County officials. After a motion was filed Wednesday morning, DuBoise was released from prison Thursday afternoon, after serving nearly 37 years behind bars.

“For the practical purpose of getting him out of prison today, which is the courts intent, I’m going to grant the motion and modify the sentence,” said Judge Christopher Nash, 13th Judicial Circuit Court.

55-year-old Robert DuBoise, who was serving a life sentence after being wrongfully accused of the murder of Barbara Grams back in 1983, was officially released from prison Thursday.

“I have no bitterness in my heart. If you keep bitterness in your heart, it just steals your joy from everything else,” said Robert DuBoise

After an 11-month long investigation into the 1983 murder, the conviction review unit and the innocence project were able to prove DuBoise’s innocence through newly discovered DNA evidence.

“I’m not the only one. They’re project needs support to continue what they’re doing,” said Robert DuBoise.

After the judge granted Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren’s motion to release DuBoise from prison, he walked out a free man just hours later.

“I said it’s a beautiful day. I thank God for it, it’s a beautiful day,” said DuBoise.
Susan Friedman, who has worked closely with DuBoise and his family, says her team has prepared resources for him to get back on his feet. Something he says he looks forward to taking on.

“Never used an iPhone, never used a computer, never been to a Walmart, never been to a Home Depot. So it’s a big change, I know. I haven’t… I’m sure it hasn’t set in completely yet,” said DuBoise.

“This 37 year old nightmare is over! And I am happy for all of my family, that we finally get some closure,” said Harriett DuBoise, Robert DuBoise’s sister.

And now that Robert DuBoise has been released, her team plans to clear his name for good. “What happened in this case should be a model for the rest of the country,” said Susan Friedman. 

Susan Friedman declared, “He was only 18 years old and charged with a capital crime and went to death row shortly afterwards. Today is just the beginning for him and we look forward to seeing him fully exonerated. Thank you.”

According to the Florida Statutes, DuBoise could be entitled to monetary compensation for wrongful incarceration. The next hearing is scheduled for September 14th where the judge will consider the evidence and could vacate and exonerate DuBoise’s sentence altogether. Check back with CW44 News for this developing story.

Timeline of Conviction Review Unit Case of Barbara Grams Murder

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