Franklin, GA (August 17, 2020) – On Saturday, the Heard County Sheriff’s Office requested the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) investigate an officer involved shooting, according to a GBI statement.

The GBI statement added that preliminary information suggests the Heard County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic dispute call in Franklin, Georgia, approximately 20 miles west of Newnan.

A short time later, Heard County Sheriff’s Office deputies and a Franklin Police Department officer met Robert Maike, 52, and his wife at the residence. Deputies observed that Maike was drunk and belligerent. After talking with Maike and his wife, they instructed the wife to leave, and deputies left the location at approximately 8:27 p.m., the statement said.

At approximately 9:18 p.m., a second and third 911 call was made from different complainants about someone shooting a gun and yelling. Deputies arrived at the scene a short time later. Upon arrival, deputies heard gunshots in a distance. The deputies met Maike outside the residence and, after a brief conversation, Maike turned and walked into the residence.

Deputies tried to talk with Maike from outside the residence. Maike later returned outside to the back porch of the residence and sat in a chair with a rifle slung across his back and another rifle in his lap. The deputies instructed Maike to put the guns down. Maike grabbed the rifle from his lap and stood up at which time one deputy fired multiple rounds at Maike, striking Maike.

Maike was taken to Tanner Medical Center in Carrollton, GA where he was pronounced dead.

No deputies or officers were injured during the incident.

The GBI will continue its independent investigation. Upon completion, it will be turned over the Heard County District Attorney’s Office for review.