In a Big Brother first, the 16 All-Star Houseguests returning to the Big Brother house for its 22nd season were revealed live last night during the hit summer series’ inaugural live move-in premiere event. This summer marks Big Brother’s 20th anniversary since debuting July 5th, 2000 on CBS. Season 22 is the second time in the series history to feature an All-Star cast, the first being in 2006.

This cast of All-Stars includes past winners Nicole Franzel and Ian Terry; fan favorites Da’Vonne Rogers and Kaysar Ridha; the best to have never won, including Janelle Pierzina and Dani Briones; most memorable Houseguests, such as Bayleigh Dayton and Enzo Palumbo; and great gamers, including Cody Calafiore and Kevin Campbell; among others. These All-Stars have one thing in common – they all have something to prove.

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Following last night’s premiere, the series will air Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00PM, ET/PT and Thursdays at 8:00PM, live ET/delayed PT, featuring the live eviction show hosted by Julie Chen Moonves, only on CBS and streaming on CBS All Access.

The following 16 All-Stars will spend the summer competing for $500,000:

cid:image003.jpg@01D66B76.9D997080Bayleigh Dayton (27)

Season(s) Previously Played: 20

Bayleigh had a “showmance” with fellow Houseguest Swaggy C. They’re now married.

Hometown: Kansas City, Mo.

Current City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Model


cid:image004.jpg@01D66B76.9D997080Christmas Abbott (38)

Season(s) Previously Played: 19

Christmas broke her foot during the first week in the house. She had surgery and remained in the game, ultimately placing third.

Hometown: Raleigh, N.C.

Current City: Raleigh, N.C.

Occupation: Fitness entrepreneur


cid:image005.png@01D66B76.9D997080Cody Calafiore (pronounced CAL-AH-FEE-OR-EE) (29)

Season(s) Previously Played: 16


Hometown: Howell, N.J.

Current City: Howell, N.J.

Occupation: Soccer coach



Dani Briones (33; will turn 34 on August 20)

Season(s) Previously Played: 8 and 13

Dani was the runner-up in season 8, and married her fellow Houseguest from season 13, Dominic Briones.

Hometown: Orange County, Calif.

Current City: Orange County, Calif.

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom


cid:image007.jpg@01D66B76.9D997080David Alexander (30)

Season(s) Previously Played: 21

David played a good social game during his short time on the show, but didn’t have the whole BB experience because his game was cut short, due to a surprise opening night twist.

Hometown: Atlanta

Current City: Los Angeles

Occupation: Senior sales rep


cid:image008.jpg@01D66B76.9D997080Da’Vonne (Day-von) Rogers (32)

Season(s) Previously Played: 17 and 18

Da’Vonne was the first Houseguest to figure out the twin twist in season 17.

Hometown: Inglewood, Calif.

Current City: Inglewood, Calif.

Occupation: Acting coach


cid:image009.jpg@01D66B76.9D997080Enzo Palumbo (42)

Season(s) Previously Played: 12

Enzo was the founding member of “The Brigade,” one of the most famous and successful alliances in BB history that helped him get to the final 3.

Hometown: Bayonne, N.J.

Current City: Bayonne, N.J.

Occupation: Insurance adjuster