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Following Alex Trebek’s announcement last year that he had been diagnosed with Stage Four Pancreatic cancer, he was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. After being approached a number of times about writing a book about his life, Trebek finally wanted to give his fans greater insight into the man they had encouraged and watched each night on their television for the past thirty-six years. Publishing a day ahead of his 80th birthday, THE ANSWER IS…: Reflections on My Life from Simon & Schuster, is an illuminating and poignant book, full of intimate stories

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Rather than penning a straightforward trip down memory lane, Trebek characterizes the book as somethat that, “Is not going to be a standard memoir. We’re just hitting the highlights. It’s a series of quick look-ins, revelations. It’s an aperçu of Alex Trebek, human being. What is he like? What has he done? How did he screw up?”  

Some of the topics covered in the book include:  

  • Alex’s early life and upbringing in Canada, where he worked his way through college and took his first broadcasting job with the CBC. 
  • Lessons of courage, humility, and punctuality (10 minutes early or you are late!)  
  • Marriage, fatherhood, and the importance of family (the family you are born into, and the one you create) 
  • Alex’s personal politics and view on the state of our country today 
  • Lighter moments like when Alex reveals why he shaved his signature mustache, funny memories from Celebrity Jeopardy!, and his real opinion on Will Ferrell’s Saturday Night Live impersonation 
  • Insight into some of Jeopardy!’s most famous contestants like Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer and the strategy behind their record wins. 
  • A behindthescenes look into the game of Jeopardy!, and the immense planning that goes into the show 
  • Spirituality and philanthropy 
  • Life after his cancer diagnosis, his thoughts on retirement, and what it really means to be tough 
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The Answer Is will give fans a look at Alex Trebek they have never seen before and is available now wherever books are sold.

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