(CBS Local)– Thomas John is a world-renowned psychic medium who got the opportunity to travel the country, meet people and give them readings in his new CBS All Access show “The Thomas John Experience.”

John went to cities like Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles to connect with everyday people and provide a bridge between them and their deceased friends and family members. The psychic medium has been on a spiritual journey since he was a young kid and this show provided him with the opportunity to interact with people in many different situations.

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“The show is really about connecting with people and showing them the way that I work,” said John in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “The great thing about the show is was really focused on the readings and the work. It was pretty interesting and I really enjoyed being able to put it all together.”


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Throughout the show, John gives people psychic readings when they least expect it to happen. The medium gets behind the wheel of a rideshare in Chicago and pulls up to grab a bite to eat with people in Los Angeles as he does a reading and connects them to those who have passed away.

“I wanted to reach people who wouldn’t normally be open to a reading,” said John. “A lot of the time I do an event or a workshop and a lot of the time those people are already open to having a reading. They already want to have a reading. This reaches a whole different group of people. Some people did not really know about mediums or didn’t understand what that was. Some people have never had that experience.”

All eight episodes of “The Thomas John Experience” are streaming now on CBS All Access. After years of doing readings, John says he’s able to keep his emotions in check and just focus on the work of trying to help people.

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“A reading can be very helpful for some people,” said John. “I think it can help people have a different perspective or get closure or answers to things they normally would not have received. I definitely think that part of it is really important. There’s kind of a really sacred aspect of things.”