HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY (CW44 News At 10) – WATCH VIDEO — Hillsborough County has now seen the highest number of COVID-19 cases reported in a 24 hour period by the State Health Department. This upward trend in cases is a cause for concern and prompts the decision for the county’s Emergency Policy Group to meet more frequently.

The Medical Director of Hillsborough County’s Health Department saw an average of 100 new cases per day. Tampa Mayor Jane Castor related, “I fear that by the time it is recognizable it will become to late.”

One of the most troubling reports presented in the meeting was in a statement from the county: The highest percentages of positive results in the last two weeks has been from people under the age of 35.

Chairman Les Miller responded, “The bottom line is we should we be talking about what we can do to save lives. We don’t want to make it mandatory to wear masks but we should be the ones who are pushing a very very strong strong strong message that please please wear your masks.”

The end of the Hillsborough County EPG meeting resulted in a vote to meet more frequently to closer assess the increasing health threat to the community.